See What They're Saying About X10 Pro Omni

Tom's Guide

“The X10 Pro Omni is stacked with self-care features and implements cutting-edge smart navigation and AI mapping for half the price of the other flagship robot vacuums.”

All-in-One Station

The Omni Station simplifies your life with hands-free cleaning and daily maintenance, all in one convenient place.

8,000 Pa

Our Strongest Suction Ever

Intense Suction for Deep Cleaning

Designed for Deep Cleaning

Designed for Homes with Pets

Living with pets that constantly shed makes it hard to keep carpets clean. To combat high levels of pet hair, X10 Pro Omni has 8,000 Pa of powerful suction to pull every pet hair out of carpets.

Fur-Free Floors After One Pass

X10 Pro Omni's powerful suction leaves nowhere for pet hair to hide, ensuring hard floors are left spotless after just one pass.

The Carpet Cleaning Expert

X10 Pro Omni's multi-directional floating roller brush is positioned close to the surface of the carpet. As it spins, the rubber and bristles work together to lift up and remove debris. It's ideal for pet hair, crumbs, and even fine debris and dust from the deepest part of the carpet.

No Fuss,
No Stress.
Just Clean Carpets

Enjoy time at home with your pets and relax knowing that X10 Pro Omni is maintaining your carpets for you.

High-Efficiency Filter for Healthier Air

X10 Pro Omni's dust bin is equipped with a filter to trap microscopic particles including dust, pollen, mold, and bacteria as small as 0.3μm. Less allergens are released into the air, making it ideal for people with allergies.

MopMaster™ 2.0

For Floors That Shine

With 180 rotations per minute and 1 kg of downward pressure, X10 Pro Omni's dual mop pads easily eradicate stains and leave you with a spotless floor.

1 kg

Downward Pressure

180 RPM

High-Speed Rotating Mops

Mops That Scrub
As Hard As You

X10 Pro Omni doesn't just wipe your floors. It uses 1 kg of downward pressure to scrub the floor vigorously to remove stubborn stains, just like you would.

Stubborn Stains? Don't Stress It!

Clearing up after a party or just forgot to mop up a mess? X10 Pro Omni can easily mop away spilled coffee that's been air-dried for up to 24 hours.

*Data from testing conducted in eufy's laboratory.

Little Details Make a Deep Clean

Edge-Hugging Clean

Always-Wet Mop

Minimize Blind Spots

X10 Pro Omni's mop pads are able to clean up to the edges of the room for a sparkling clean throughout the space.

The always-wet mop ensures there's a constant flow of fresh water that can even remove dried-on stains.

Pentagon-shaped mop pads minimize the gap between the mops as they rotate for greater coverage.

Carpets Stay Dry

When a carpet is detected, X10 Pro Omni raises its mop by 12 mm so that it can climb onto the carpet and vacuum without soaking it.

AI.See™ Smart Cleaning,
Now Smarter Than Ever

Equipped with an Obstacle Avoidance Algorithm From the Self-Driving Car Industry

730 Days

Algorithm Development

800 Billion

AI Chip Calculations Per Second*

Our self-developed algorithm is so advanced that X10 Pro Omni behaves like a self-driving car as it navigates around your home. It recognizes obstacles, avoids them, and prevents itself from getting stuck.

*Data from testing conducted in eufy's laboratory.

Automatically Plans Cleans For You

X10 Pro Omni's Smart mode uses AI.See™ technology to recognize different rooms in your home, then tailors suction and water flow to the scenario for the best results.

After Meals

Messy Pets

Carpet Cleaning

Untidy cooks rejoice! X10 Pro Omni turns up suction and mopping to the maximum level to vacuum up pieces of food and scrub away spilled liquids.

Whether it's pieces of food or copious amounts of hair, X10 Pro Omni uses maximum suction to make it vanish in an instant.

X10 Pro Omni uses maximum suction, then turns off water flow and lifts the mop pads to avoid soaking carpets.

Your Privacy is Protected

X10 Pro Omni only uses images to recognize obstacles, but never saves them to protect your family's privacy. It's also certified with TUV Rheinland ETSI EN 303 645 cyber security standards for added peace of mind.

Removes Tangled Hair For You

The roller brush has a Pro-Detangle Comb™ that automatically removes hair for hands-free, easy maintenance.

Clean On Your Command

If your phone is out of reach, simply use Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant for zero effort voice-controlled cleaning.

What's in the Box

eufy X10 Pro Omni robot vacuum, All-in-One Station,
detackhable base, power cable, and documents.

Child Lock Protection

Prevent curious kids and inquisitive pets from accidentally starting a clean.

Easy to Detach Base

The Omni Station's base can be easily detached to make cleaning convenient and easy.

Floating Roller Brush

The floating design allows the roller brush to clean closer to the ground and pick up more debris. It's also suitable for use on multiple floor types.

Voice Reminder

X10 Pro Omni keeps you updated with voice reminders about its status and errors, so you know what's happening to your robot vacuum the moment it occurs.

Recharge, Then Resume

If X10 Pro Omni's battery is low mid-clean, it will go back to the Omni Station to recharge, then resume cleaning where it left off.