eufy Clean L35 Hybrid

eufy Clean L35 Hybrid

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eufy Clean by Anker, eufy Clean L35 Hybrid Robot Vacuum and Mop with 3,200Pa Ultra Strong Suction, iPath Laser Navigation for Multi Floor Mapping, Advanced App Control, Controllable Water Tank, Works with Alexa

  • iPath™️ Laser Navigation
  • 3,200 Pa Ultra-Strong Suction
  • Controllable Water Tank
  • Multi-Floor Mapping
  • App Control and Compatible with Amazon Alexa
  • Child Safety Lock

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eufy Clean L35 Hybrid

Smart Cleaning, Enjoyable Living

iPath™️ Laser Navigation

RoboVac uses advanced LiDAR technology and a Z-shaped cleaning route for accurate and efficient cleaning.
  • Builds a
    virtual map
  • Scans your
    house accurately

Ultra-Strong 3,200 Pa
Suction Power

RoboVac effortlessly sucks up debris for a deeper clean.

Controllable Water Tank

Choose a suitable water flow for
your floor for a thorough clean.
  • 200 ml
  • 3 Water

Convenient App Control

Use the app to customize your cleaning plans for
different rooms.

Multi-Floor Mapping

- Recognizes up to 3 levels in your home
- Saves custom cleaning preferences and maps

No-Go Zones

Create no-go zones to prevent RoboVac from going into certain areas or rooms.

Deep Cleaning with Ease

RoboVac's 2-in-1 design allows you to vacuum and mop at the same time for efficient cleaning. When it detects a change from hard floors to carpet, BoostIQ™️ increases the suction power for deep cleaning. RoboVac can also climb over thresholds and rugs up to 20mm thick.

BoostIQ™ Technology

Climb Higher*

*Compared with RoboVac L70 Hybrid.

2-in-1 Vacuum and Mop

Voice Control

RoboVac supports Amazon Alexa and the Google Assistant so you can control RoboVac with your voice while you enjoy your free time.


Auto-Empty Station
  • -
Dust Bag
  • -
Feature Type
  • iPath™️ Laser Navigation
Suction Power
  • 3,200 Pa
Control Methods
  • App, Alexa and Google Assistant
Climb Threshold
  • 20 mm
Dust Box Capacity
  • 330 ml
Water Tank Size
  • 200 ml
Noise Level
  • 62 dB (in Max Mode)
BoostIQ™️ Technology
Max Runtime
  • 145 mins (Quiet Mode on Floor)
Product Size
  • 350×350×100 mm


Does L35 Hybrid support a 5GHz Wi-Fi network?

No, currently eufy RoboVacs only support a 2.4GHz Wi-Fi network.
To reset L35 Hybrid's Wi-Fi, press and hold both buttons on the top panel for 3 seconds until you hear a voice alert.

How long does it take to fully charge L35 Hybrid?

Before charging, please confirm that the white power indicator on the charging base lights up.
It takes about 3-4 hours to fully charge when the device is in low battery status.
Its light is solid blue when the device is fully charged.

What's L35 Hybrid's compatible voltage?

In the USA, L35 Hybrid supports voltages from 100V to 120V~50/60Hz.

Does L35 Hybrid support multi-floor cleaning? Can I save multiple maps?

Yes, it supports multi-floor cleaning.
You can save up to 3 maps when the Multi-Map Save feature is turned on in the app.

What is Customized Cleaning mode?

One unique feature of L35 Hybrid is its Customized Cleaning mode. Customized Cleaning can be configured according to your home environment to set different suction power levels and water flows according to cleaning needs in different rooms.

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