Wall Light and Camera

Give Your Wall
Eyes, Ears, and Light
S100 Wired Wall Light Cam

What Makes Wired Wall Light Cam Stand Out?

  • 2K HD
    Wide View
  • 1,200 Lumens
    Bright Illumination
  • Motion Activated
    Light and Camera
  • Dusk-to-Dawn
  • Up to 25 Days
    of Storage

Wall Light and Camera
All in One

Day and night protection with a seamlessly integrated camera and light.
Monitor your porch, yard, garage, and garden areas
while the light illuminates your every step.

Clear Vision
Day And Night
Give yourself an eagle eye for details with full 2K HD.
Capture every feature of anyone who walks onto your property, day or night.

Full 2K HD
Zoom Shows Details

Capture every detail with clarity.

View the live stream and record footage in full 2K HD so you'll never miss a detail. When something is far away, get a closer view with 5× zoom.

Enhanced Camera
Sensor with
a Large Field of View

See the full picture from head to toe.

eufy Wired Wall Light Cam has a large camera sensor offering a more complete view. With a 160° diagonal view, and a left-and-right manually adjustable camera angle, you can get a full view of visitors from head to toe, see your car parked in the driveway, and check on deliveries at the door.

Color Night Vision

Record at night just as clear as in the day.

Get sharp, full-color recordings at night with Color Night Vision and bright light.

Light Up Your Life with
Smart Illumination

The light turns on and off via manual, timer,
motion, and Amazon Alexa and the Google
Voice Assistant activation.
Choose the options that suit you and make your
lighting worry free.


Free your mind from remembering to turn the lights on and off by automating the lights according to local sunset and sunrise times.

Welcome Your Guests with
Automatic Light

Adjustable Brightness
and Color

Bright and Far Reaching

1,200 lumens gives light for at least 10m. Walk with confidence at night.

Who Says Security
Can't Be Fun?

eufy Wired Wall Light Cam is built with 2 tunable light panels. You can make it into
an ambient light by turning one or both to shine on the wall.

Color Choices
Color Choices
Have even more fun by customizing your lighting with 1 million color choices to match special occasions, holidays, or just whenever you feel like it.
Protect Your Family
with Smart Detection
The 2 PIR sensors provide 200° of customizable detection, with motion zones to
fine-tune the focus areas. If something is detected, take action and sound the 105
dB siren with bright lights as an alarm to deter burglars and trespassers.

Real-Time Notifications

eufy Wired Wall Light Cam sends real-time notifications when motion is detected, the built-in camera records the event with a 4 second pre-roll so it doesn’t miss a thing, and you can view the live stream to know what’s going on anytime.

105 dB Alarm with Siren and Bright Lights

Scare away suspicious people and deter would-be intruders with the sound and light alarm.

Customizable Detection

Set up to 2 activity zones to cover the most vital areas of your home. And only receive the alerts which matter.

Safeguard Your
All Sides

Pair eufy Wired Wall Light Cam with the eufy app to turn lights on or off while you're away or know what's
happening around your home at any time.
Works with
Alexa and the Google Assistant

Enjoy hands-free home lighting and monitoring with Alexa and the Google Assistant.

Manage Your eufy
Wired Wall Light Cam
in the eufy App

Add eufy Wired Wall Light Cam and control it from the eufy app. Turn lights on or off while you’re away, or know what’s happening around your home anytime and anywhere.

No Hidden Fees

eufy Wired Wall Light Cam is a one-time purchase with 4GB of local storage. There are no monthly fees or hidden costs, and everything is done on-device for complete security.

Save And Share
Captured Moments

Store event footage locally for up to 25 days. Download and share recorded videos with friends and family.

Reliable Security All Year Round

Built to Withstand All Weather Conditions

eufy Wired Wall Light Cam works even in rain, snow, and fog with IP65 weather resistance.

MTBF tests performed in our laboratory show that eufy Wired Wall Light Cam, including its material and lights, can operate in extreme weather for 60,000 hours, which is more than 6 years of use.

Designed for Optimal Performance

See More with
the Perfect Camera Angle

The camera is tilted down 23° for a complete head-to-toe view of visitors, and can be adjusted left and right manually by 60° to target the perfect area.

Lights Up, Looks Good

The black and white geometric design gives eufy Wired Wall Light Cam a futuristic look, while the flat surface at both ends allows it to provide more light during the night.

Choose Your Color

Designed with two tunable light panels each with a curved design, which can be set to different colors, creating a beautiful shimmering reflection on your walls.

Give Your Wall Eyes, Ears, and Light
with eufy Wired Wall Light Cam

Which Wall Light Cam is Best for You?

S100 Wired Wall Light Cam

S100 Wired Wall Light Cam

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Hardwire Installation

Requires professional installation by a Licensed Electrician.

Lighting with Adjustable Brightness

1,200 Lumens

Motion Activated Light

Ambient Lighting

Dusk-to-Dawn Timer

Field of View


Video Quality

2K (2048×1536)

Night Vision

Color Night Vision

Motion Detection

10m with PIR

Motion Activated Alerts

Human Detection

Security Siren

105 dB


2.4 GHz

Two-Way Audio


25 Days of Event Recording


Alexa, the Google Assistant



Operating Environment

-20°C - 50°C

Product Lifespan

60,000 Hours (Over 6 Years)

No Monthly Fee