eufy Clean RoboVac X8 Pro SES

eufy Clean RoboVac X8 Pro SES

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eufy Clean X8 Pro Robotic Vacuum Self-Empty Station, Twin-Turbine™ 2× 4,000 Pa Powerful Suction, Active Detangling Roller Brush, and iPath™ Laser Navigation for Pet Hair Deep Cleaning on Carpet

  • Hair-Free Cleaning:
    X8 Pro's powerful 2× 4,000 Pa Twin-Turbine™️ suction easily removes pet hair from deep within carpets, leaving them clean and hair-free.
  • Tangle-Free Cleaning:
    The patented Active Detangling Roller Brush detangles hair automatically. No more need to manually clean the roller brush yourself.
  • Up to 45 Days Hands-Free Cleaning:
    X8 Pro's Self-Empty Station features a 2.5 L bacteriostatic dust bag that securely seals pet hair and debris, for a truly hands-free cleaning experience.
  • Precise iPath™ Laser Navigation:
    With precise maps of your home, effectively track cleaning routes, avoid obstacles, and unlock a wider range of areas to clean.
  • Customisable AI.Map™ 2.0:
    AI creates accurate maps of your home, allowing for efficient cleaning of a wide range of areas to save you time and effort while always getting a thorough cleaning.
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Carpet Detection
  • 2× 4,000 Pa
Roller Brush Type
  • Turfed Rubber and Floating Brush
Side Brush
  • 1
Boost IQ
Dustbin Capacity
  • 335ml
Station Type
  • Self Empty Station
Dust Bag Capacity
  • 2.5L
  • LDS
Obstacle Avoidance
  • Infrared
Mopping Type
  • Surface
Water Tank Type
  • 270ml and Electronic Control
Climbing Height
  • 19mm
Battery Capacity
  • 5,200mAh
Voice Control
  • Alexa, The Google Assistant
Remote Control


Does the X8 Pro roller brush prevent hair tangles?

Hair tangles are a thing of the past with X8 Pro. It features a built-in comb that continuously cleans the roller brush while it rotates to prevent tangles. You can also have the roller brush detangled via the app whenever the robot is docked.

How many dust bags does X8 Pro with Self-Empty Station include out of the box?

X8 Pro with Self-Empty Station comes with one dust bag conveniently pre-installed so you can start cleaning right away. You can order more dustbags via eufy support.

Does X8 Pro's mopping function have the capability to recognize carpets?

 X8 Pro's mopping function does not have the ability to identify carpets and automatically lift its mop like the eufy Clean X9 Pro. So it's advised to set up a no-mop zone prior to use. And if your cleaning needs are solely focused on vacuuming, you can simply detach the mopping module.

X8 Pro comes with a mopping function. What should I do if I only want to use the vacuum feature?

X8 Pro has a built-in mopping function. However, if you only want to vacuum, you can simply remove the mopping module.

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