• Powerful 8,000 Pa Suction for a Deeper Clean:
    X10 Pro Omni effortlessly removes hidden debris in carpets, including pet hair, for clean floors in just one pass.
  • All-in-One Station for Hands-Free Cleaning:
    X10 Pro Omni's mop pads are washed using clean water, then dried with 45°C heated air to prevent bad odor and the growth of bacteria. Its dust bin is emptied into the station's 2.5L dust bag, which only needs to be replaced every 2 months. The 3L clean water tank provides enough water to mop a 150 sqm home 2-3 times.
  • MopMaster 2.0 for Spotless Floors:
    With 180 rotations per minute and 1 kg of downward pressure, X10 Pro Omni's dual mop pads easily eradicate stains and leave you with floors that shine. When a carpet is detected, the mops automatically lift by 12 mm to prevent it getting wet.
  • AI.See Smart Cleaning:
    X10 Pro Omni features advanced obstacle avoidance. It's capable of identifying over 100 different objects like wires, shoes, and toys, even at night.
  • Auto-Detangling Roller Brush:
    The roller brush rotates in reverse and the Pro-Detangle Comb flips down to loosen and remove hair that's wrapped around the roller brush, so you don't have to.
  • iPath Laser Navigation:
    Our exclusive technology creates efficient cleaning routes around your home.
  • Customisable AI.Map 2.0:
    Create No-Go Zones, virtual boundaries, and more so that X10 Pro Omni cleans your space in the way you want it.