Hands-Free Cleaning

Avoid any dirty work with the auto-empty station's large dust bag that stores up to 45 days of debris.

Efficient Dust Transfer

G35+ empties 97% of vacuumed dust into the auto-empty station's dust bag—making it ready for the next clean.

Triple Filtration Dust Protection

The dust that G35+ picks up stays locked away behind triple filtration to ensure it doesn't escape back into your home.

Strong Suction with Powerful Brushes

Let G35+ do all the heavy lifting with 2500Pa of suction backed by roller brushes that sweep up dust and debris.

Logically Plans Routes

G35+ determines how to move around your home efficiently to clean more.

Cleans Under the Couch

With a 7.24cm thin design, G35+ slips under furniture to clean, so you never have to struggle moving heavy couches or tables.

Switch Suction Power with BoostIQ™

G35+ knows the difference between hardwood and carpet and uses BoostIQ™ to automatically switch to high-power suction for deep fiber cleans.

Quiet 55 dB Cleaning

Stay focused on work or fun as G35+ sweeps your home at only 55 dB, the noise level of a quiet office.

Control via the App

Whether you're on the couch or across town, conveniently tell G35+ what do do with your phone via eufy Clean.