eufy Security Solocam S340

eufy Security Solocam S340

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SoloCam S340, Solar Security Camera, Wireless Outdoor Camera, 360° Surveillance, No Blind Spots, 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi, No Monthly Fee, HomeBase 3 (S380) Compatible

  • Enhanced Dual-Camera Clarity at 15m: Capture every event that occurs around your home in ultra-clear 3K resolution. See exactly who is approaching your home with 8× zoom.
  • Solar-Powered, Install Once and it Runs Forever: Experience constant peace of mind with this solar-powered security camera that's easy to set up and always on, thanks to its removable solar panel.
  • 360° Guardian, No Blind Spots: Say goodbye to blind spots with full home coverage. Enjoy 360° surveillance, check your front porch, monitor your backyard, and keep an eye on the driveway with ease.
  • Experience Dual Views for Ultimate Surveillance: See the big picture while zooming in on crucial details, all in one frame.
  • Local Storage, No Monthly Fee: One-time purchase. No monthly fee or hidden costs.
  • Versatile Installation, Effortless Setup: Experience the convenience of a 5-minute installation with its compact size and wire-free design.
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Highly Anticipated, Well Received

Bryan H.

Installation was very simple, it took no more than 15 minutes to install on the wall. And Wow!! It does look very good and very professional too.

Caleb S.

Having a zoom lens is helpful and the mounting bracket design was very intuitive. The removable solar panel was also very helpful, and will benefit many users in the future.

Peter G.

I really like the ease with which you can mount and remove it. The addition of the solar panel alattached to the top is just brilliant.

Rene V.

The secondary camera/view within the app shows a closer look of wherever the main camera is looking at. I like this.

Richard D.

In my short time with the camera it's become my favourite Eufy camera so far because of the ability to pan the camera around remotely or let the camera auto track.

See Clearly While Zoomed In

See faces and read license plates clearly on this home security camera at 15m and know who's coming or going.

Auto Zoom Motion Tracking

Tracks targets in the area. Pans, tilts, and zooms to follow the action.

Day and Night Safety

The f/1.6 aperture allows 20% more light for details after dark. See up to 8m at night.

Night Guard with Light and Siren

Communicate with guests, even while away. Deter intruders with a "Stay Away" message and see them react in real time.

Adapts with Ease

Adjusts and adapts for installing anywhere with options for solar panel mounting.

Built to Last

Holds up to a range of extreme weather conditions without missing a beat.

Two-Way Audio

Communicate with guests, even while away. Deter intruders with a "Stay Away" message and see them react in real time.

Voice Assistant Compatible

Integrates perfectly with Google Voice Assistant and Alexa to make using it even easier and more accessible.

Powerful on Its Own, Even Better with HomeBase 3

8GB of storage, no ongoing costs and all recordings are stored on your local device. Onboard Al detects motion, however, when connected to HomeBase 3 (S380), local storage is expandable and upgraded AI with BionicMind™.

Easy to Access

See what's going on in real time. Never be in the dark about your home security.

See What Matters

Aim the camera at any of up to 4 preset positions with a single tap.

Targeted Protection

Set up to 2 activity zones to cover your most vital areas, and ignore activities outside them.


How long is the battery life of Solocam S340?

 3 Months*.
*Based on 300 seconds of recording time per day. Actual battery life depends on several factors such as the number of times motion is detected, event recording duration, and environmental temperatures.
*Using solar charging allows forever power.

Why doesn't my SoloCam S340 battery stay at 100%?

Power collected by the solar panel depends on the weather and available sunlight. If little energy is collected in a day, the battery level may go down. It can run for up to 3 months on battery and it will be charged once the weather is sunny.

Does SoloCam S340 support local AI?

Human Detection and Vehicle Detection run natively on the local AI. When connected to HomeBase 3, the added power allows Human Detection to be upgraded to Human Recognition.

Does SoloCam S340 support 24/7 recording?

 No. Battery cameras aren't currently capable of 24/7 recording, even if connected to HomeBase 3.

Which HomeBase S380 features are SoloCam S340 compatible with?

When connected to HomeBase S380, SoloCam S340 will be able to utilize the storage capacity of HomeBase S380 and the AI will be enhanced with BionicMind™, enabling familiar faces, human recognition, vehicle detection, and pet detection.

What is the detection range of SoloCam S340 during the day and at night?

The detection range is directly affected by the sensitivity setting. When using the default sensitivity level of 4, the triggering distance is 20 – 26 ft (6 – 8 m) during the day and 13 – 20 ft (4 – 6 m) meters at night.

How can Solocam S340 be powered?

It can be powered by the built-in rechargeable battery, or by the included solar panel. The solar panel can be installed directly on the camera or nearby connected via cable.

What are the battery specs of Solocam S340?

It is a built-in, non-removable, rechargeable, lithium-ion battery.

How can I schedule the security modes of SoloCam S340?

Click the '+' icon in schedule settings. 3 custom schedule modes may be set. A disarmed mode may also be set.

Is SoloCam S340 compatible with voice assistants?

Yes, it supports streaming to Alexa Echo Show and Google Chromecast.

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